Killing Kennedy– November 12th

The book club plans to meet at the HSV campus on the 12th of November at the same time, same place (101 E, 1:30 PM). _Killing Kennedy_ is on the table for the month. This book is an easy way to grasp quickly the broad socio-political developments during the Kennedy administration. It also meanders through his private life, to provide the reader an overview of his life as the president of the United States. So grab a copy from the library and together we shall talk about_ Killing Kennedy_. See you all on the 12th.


The Swerve

Books 101 meets tomorrow on HSV campus at 1:30 PM in room 101 E. Please join us to discuss _The Swerve_. Stephen Greenblatt’s book is an intellectual adventure. One that is sure to leave an impression of the philosophical dilemma of the human condition.
Come join us and find out first hand the questions that are brought up and explained in this scholarly book.